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Computing has the potential to help us face some of society’s toughest problems. But, with such a strong hammer, everything begins to look like a nail. De’Aira’s teaching ideology challenges students to think critically about tough problems to generate innovative solutions. A solution that “works” is simply not enough. She has extensively studied effective methods to develop, examine, and evaluate technological systems, as evidenced in her doctoral research. She continually seeks to share her insights and lessons learned with developing technologists in the classroom.

“An algorithm, after all, is just a human artifact, like a hammer, and who would entertain the idea of an ethical hammer?”


De’Aira in Action

Designing Emotionally Intelligent Social Robots for Applications Involving Children

Guest Lecture @ Wolfson College Science Society

February 2021 (Virtual)

Social Robots Meet Social Good; Leveraging the Power of Computer Science

Guest Lecture @ SEM Link Inc.’s Teen Science Cafe

December 2020 (Virtual)

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