I’m De’Aira Bryant.

I develop new technologies that enhance lives through social interaction. In other words, I program machines to interact with humans skillfully and gracefully. Sometimes, I even make them dance!


Bryant, D., Etiene,T., Howard, A., Smart, W.D., and Glas, D. (2023). Teaching a robot where to park: A scalable crowdsourcing approach. In the
30th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN ’23)

  • In this paper, we focus on the specific problem of the social appropriateness of a social robot parking in different locations in the home.
  • We recommend a labeled 2D map approach as a scalable data presentation method for annotation tasks that require the use of human intuition to reason over the social use of space.

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Children are our greatest resource, and should therefore be our biggest investment.

— De’Aira B.